Firming Body Butter "Dry Touch" - Insìum

This butter intensely nourishes and moisturizes, giving firmness to dull skin and helping to reduce skin imperfections such as "orange peel skin" and stretch marks.
It envelops the body with Italian citrus fragrances accentuated by floral notes for an instant of pure well-being.


COMPLEX of unroasted Shea Butter extract and Avocado seeds dispersed in Bentonite: "high-tech" complex with an intense nourishing, firming and toning action that helps fight skin imperfections and stretch marks.
Prickly Pear Extract (Sicily); a highly bioavailable active ingredient with an anti-ageing, moisturising and protective action.
Extract of Rosemary and Goji Berry: known for their high content of Vitamin C and B and trace elements with a powerful antioxidant action.
Cupuaçu Butter and unroasted Karite': rich in phytosterols with high nourishing, moisturizing and repairing properties.
Pure Argan Oil: rich in antioxidants and precious elements that improve the state of hydration of the skin, increasing its elasticity and helping to fight the signs of aging.
Bitter Orange Blossom Water: makes the skin more toned and radiant.

*This butter does not contain: preservatives, silicones, dyes, mineral oils, animal derivatives, paraffin, petrolati, PEG or PPG, vaseline, nanomaterials, Propylene Glycol, DEA and TEA, alcohol, EDTA, chemical filters, acrylates, sulfates.


Apply with a light massage all over the body morning and evening.
Ideal to apply immediately after bath or shower.
You can put it on immediately as it absorbs immediately