Ligne St Barth

Roucou Sun Milk SPF30 - Ligne St Barth

A non-oily protective lotion based on roucou extract, obtained from the seeds of the tropical roucou shrub. It stimulates the production of melanin, the substance that plays a role in the primary protection of the skin.
Roucou extract was once used by the Arawaks for this very purpose.

Ligne St Barth combines tradition with modernity by using zinc oxide as a mineral protection, thus reducing the risk of allergies.
Micropowdered as a result of a complex manufacturing process, it allows the lotion to be applied without leaving marks, guaranteeing an even tan. With regenerating sweet almond oil and calendula.

Exposure in the morning and afternoon can guarantee the best tan, while in the period from 12.00 to 16.00 UV rays are more dangerous. In general, you should not expose yourself to direct sunlight for too long.
Always pay attention to the varying intensity of sunlight in different places.