Agaressence con Coffret - Brecourt

"One morning when I was strolling through a souk in Dubaï, I was hit by the smoke of a bakhour that a merchant was having burned in front of his open-air boutique and that spread a strong smell of Oud.
Time seemed to stand still. It was the first time a fragrance brought me back to the sacred in such a strong way."

1 COL UMN - The cologne, 5 ml, are dosed at 10 percent, and thereforelighter than the main fragrance, and can be used to moderate the intensity of the fragrance. It can be applied over the main fragrance, or on its own, to make the fragrance more subtle.

1 ABSOLUTE -Absolutes are dosed at 25%, and therefore more intense than the100 ml bottle that containsa 15% to 20%EdP . Use it to increase the intensity of the fragrance. By vaporizing theabsolute, the effects of the emotional filters will be enhanced.


- WOODY AND SPICE ACCORD: Strengthens woody fragrances - Woody spicy

- TALCATED NOTE: Brings an engaging and tenacious modernity, a dusty accord that unveils all the fragrances - Talcated Amber.


Saffron, Currant, Plum oud, Tuberose, Rose, ylang ylang, Oud, Cypriol, Jatamansi, Sandalwood, Amyris.