Gabriella Chieffo

Acquasala - Gabriella Chieffo

With a dip you leave the safety of the mainland behind.
Now she is here, in this aquasaltar, mirror of sky that envelops her.
It is quiet and movement in the breath, captivated by that primordial element.
Water and salt.
Life and wisdom.
Inflates the gills of the soul and inhales knowledge.
She remembers being a fish and then a reptile before becoming.
Knowing smells, tastes, lives.
She knows she's been vertebrae beneath the vertebrae,
rocked by breath, soothed by heartbeats.
In that aquasala a little tear a little sea has perceived the same smell as now, the endless smell of a breath that is the end of all odors.
She, who from spit became flesh. She, who with a wave plunged into the dry. She who performed the rite, who understood the strength and magic of regeneration by generating, swallows a syllable of breath and comes to life.


Seaweed, black pepper, nutmeg, neroli, caraway, elemi

Incense, iris, myrrh

Patchouli, amber, oak moss, musk, cashmeran