Mona Di Orio

Ambre - Mona Di Orio

Wonderfully sensual as a bias-cut silk cut, Ambre outlines her world of amber puffs. Cedar takes you further into the mystery, while vanilla adds a slight sweet and resinous touch that's quite pleasant.
Ylang Ylang brings a splash of innocent clean smell to the notes a bit like Film
Noir, but without ever completely obscuring them. After all, who would want to do it?
At home, at a dance night or at a date, Ambre manages to be both evocative of something from a long time ago, and fresh as something that belongs to tomorrow, but still very, very French ...

Cedarwood from the Moroccan Atlas, Ylang Ylang from the Comoros Islands, Benzoin,
Tolu Balm, Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar, Amber

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