Frederic Malle

Angeliques Sous la Pluie - Frederic Malle

A watercolor drawing of angelica flowers colored with flecks of juniper berries, pink pepper and bergamot, on a vibrant base of cedar and white musk. Shades of purple and grey blend into each other imprecisely, as if blurred by rain, in a fragile image of dewy, spicy freshness.

Starting from the fleeting impression of a bouquet of angels caught in the rain, Jean-Claude Ellena composes a subtle and fragile score.
Falsely simple, Angéliques sous la Pluie blends perfectly with the skin of the person wearing it. Composed of sparkling, spicy and tonic notes - angelica roots, juniper, pink pepper and coriander - this composition rests on a base of musk and cedar that softens everything into an enveloping caress. A plunge of emotions.


Angelica, Juniper, Pink Pepper, Cedar, Coriander, Musk