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Aoud Voyage Triple Set - Roja Parfums

Aoud - Formed around the traditionally Middle Eastern blend of Rose, Saffron and Aoud, this sweet and spicy accord evokes all the exoticism of a culture that cares about perfumery. Attracting this bright citrus opening from the central trilogy - followed by a tart rhubarb note - gives way to a creamy floral heart, before introducing a rich base of spices, woods and sensual materials that lend a resonant warmth and complexity. This is the quintessential scent of the Middle East.

Amber Aoud - A creation so distinctive that it is one of our most iconic perfumes worldwide, this sumptuous scent creates a sweet and spicy accord around the central note of Aoud. The elegant tones of rose meet with the fruity sweetness of fig and the balsamic sweetness of benzoin, while cinnamon and saffron lend their sonorous warmth. Enveloping fragrance fans in a cloud of olfactory majesty, Amber Aoud's cult status is not without justification.

Musk Aoud - A uniquely exotic Chypré accord, Musk Aoud marries the dry, woody warmth of the Chypré style with the traditionally Middle Eastern style of Aoud. Earthy notes of Patchouli and Oakmoss mingle with Aoud and Sandalwood to create a natural depth that takes the fragrance to exotic realms. The scent traverses the animalic sensuality of musk and leathery labdanum, which make this Aoud creation absolutely compulsive.