Memo Paris

Argentina - Memo Paris

An aromatic and floral fragrance with a sweet and enveloping base.
An elegant and delicate composition, where an intense rose and warm oud meet and dance together in a tango.
And as in a tango, the baker, a common bird in Argentina, has an intense, fast and unexpected way of singing and calling his partner.
A dance, delicate and daring, with an unpredictable charm, like ambrette, a warm and confident atmosphere.
The earth resonates with the steps of the dancers, the sky fills with the song of the birds and in the air hovers an enveloping scent.


Pink Pepper, Ambrette Absolute, Essence of Rose and Turkish Rose Absolute

Sambac Jasmine, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Magnolia Oil, Oud Oil

Cypriol Heart, Benzoin Resin.