Bayonne Christmas Candle 2021 - Trudon

The result of an exclusively manual and meticulous work, the 5 golden candles are adorned with riches, praising the festivities.

New in 2021:

Bayonne is a city in southwest France, during the early 16th century, it was the first port in France through which cocoa was imported.
It became the first city in the kingdom to produce chocolate.
Chocolate was introduced to the French court under Louis XIV and quickly became a fashion that took hold in all the courts of Europe, until it became a mass consumption.
If cocoa is a tribute to Bayonne, chili is a tribute to the nearby town of Espelette, known for its Piment d'Espelette.
Chili was imported from Latin America around the same time as cocoa and unlike cocoa has remained a specialty of the region.
Pine is of course a tribute to Christmas. The accord was developed to pay homage to the joys of Christmas, while following a historical and regal perspective.


Top Notes: Cocoa
Heart Notes: Chilli
Base Notes: Pine

Burning time: 55 - 60 hours approx.
Dimensions: 10 cm Height