Ambre Plum Candle - Diptyque

Spreading its wings above a rocky hillside, a mysterious swan releases the scent of amber resin.
The Ambre Plume candle gives luminosity and pleasure. Bright orange, cinnamon and ginger make the atmosphere vibrant, softened by the pleasant embrace of amber accords.
To preserve the fragrance and protect the wax, the Ambre Plume 190g candle comes with an elegant black Bakelite lid. The winter tale imagined for the holidays by diptyque and artist Ugo Gattoni inspires a limited edition collection that is more magical than ever.
Three wonderful animals (Lion, Swan and Deer) come to life on a mysterious fountain and soar through the snowy city sky. During their flight, they awaken new and exciting scents.
Limited edition candles, new perfumes and decorations.
A magical night, to revive the spirit of the holidays!


Orange, Ginger, Amber, Cinnamon

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