Fir Christmas Candle 2021 - Trudon

The result of an exclusively manual and meticulous work, the 5 golden candles are adorned with riches, praising the festivities.

Fir: The fir tree evokes the great Christmas tree in the courtyard and the generosity of the King.
A perfect expression of Christmas, the Fir scented candle carries the religious and vegetal significance of the tree.
The green and woody notes of the candle further represent the nativity: hints of myrrh and frankincense absolute give depth to the top notes of the fragrance - Siberian pine and fir.
The fir scented candle captures the olfactory power and essence of the Christmas tree itself.


Top Notes: Siberian
PineHeart Notes: Chinese
: Spanish Cistus

Burning Time: 50 - 60 hours approx.aDimensions

: Classic: 10 cm Height

Burning time: 110 - 120 hours c.a
Intermediate: 16 cm Height - 13.5 cm Diameter

Burning time: 300 hours c.a
Large: 21.5 cm Height - 18 cm Diameter