Gold - Puredistance

This is the fifth perfume that Antoine Lie has created for Puredistance and just like his other creations for Puredistance, GOLD corresponds exactly to the feeling in our hearts.

We gave Antoine carte blanche to use the best ingredients and so he did. GOLD is a true celebration of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients.

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Fragrance Extract - Concentration 36%

Top notes : Essence of green mandarin - Italy, Essence of bergamot - Calabria, Essence of pink pepper - Reunion Island, Essence of rosemary - Morocco, Essence of clove buds - Madagascar

Heart notes : Jasmin Absolute - India, Ciste Absolute - Spain, Geranium Essence - Morocco, Cinnamon Bark Absolute - Madagascar

Base notes: Styrax Essence - Honduras, Benzoin Resinoid - Laos, Myrrhe Resinoid, Patchouli Essence - Indonesia, Vanilla Green Beans - Madagascar, Tonka Beans Absolute - Venezuela, Castoreum Absolute, Vetiver Essence - Haiti.