Candle 4 wicks Haas Mojave Unicorn - L'Objet

The L'OBJET Haas Brothers collection is a meeting of imaginative minds and skilled hands. Inspired by the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree, Los Angeles-based artists Simon and Nikolai Haas worked closely with L'OBJET's master artisans to create a collection that includes tableware, home décor, textiles and fragrances.
Together, they have created a family of distinctive creatures with the highest quality of finish and functionality.
These are objects to love. By using them, everyday moments become memorable; the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
The exclusive Mojave Palm fragrance developed with perfumer Yann Vasnier fills your space with dry, woody notes native to the desert.
The candles are hand-poured into porcelain vases with 24K gold detailing. The embossed pattern on the Mojave Palm candle holder produces an enchanting effect: as the wax burns, the translucent porcelain allows light to radiate, transforming the sculpted scene into a luminous desert.

Porcelain with 24K Gold inserts
Burning time: over 300 hours
Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 25 cm


Mojave Palm

Papyrus, immortelle, laurel, coriander, green notes

Juniper, Cypress, Cinnamon, Cedar, Guaiac wood, Patchouli, Spruce, incense, cistus

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