Iris Prima Edp - Penhaligon's

Penhaligon's goes on tiptoe for the presentation to the international press of Iris Prima, the fragrance inspired by the sixth art, born from the hand of Alberto Morillas, called by the British maison to play the role of choreographer of the sense of smell to stage a spectacular fragrance, ethereal and romantic, which dances gracefully between plié, grand jeté and arabesque.

The curtain of Iris Prima opens with the pungent notes of a lively bergamot that pirouettes together with pink pepper and amber, until the entrance of a candid and vaporous bouquet and three splendid étoiles represented by iris, hedione and Indian jasmine. The setting of Iris Prima is solid, dry, with hints of sweetness: leather, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and benzoin ensure stability to the show of Iris Prima and final encores.