Masque Milano

Kintsugi - Masque Milano


Be strong. Repair the scars with gold.

Act II scene IV
Spring has finally arrived. Fresh air has finally arrived and awakens humanity from winter hibernation. Under the magnolia tree, the potter is repairing the broken vase, using an ancient technique. (Kintsukuroi - repair with gold).

The garden is peaceful, the chirping birds do not disturb the work of the noble craftsman: they are part of the scene. The master did not want to lose the old vase. He said it was useful. Broken, not bent; but not inevitably lost.

On the wall, beyond the rose bush, an engraving on an ancient stone slab reads: "Love the simplicity. Love the old. Don't hide the scars, show them with pride."

An almost forgotten masterpiece of times gone by is still alive. A rediscovered Chypre: a golden heart that beats briskly.

Interpret: Vanina Muracciole

Top Notes: Bergamot, Magnolia, Sapid Amber Accord
Heart Notes: Golden Suede Accord, Centifolia Rose Absolute from Grasse, Violet Leaves Absolute
Base Notes: Siam Benzoin, Raspberry Leaf Absolute, Patchouli Coeur, Vanilla Absolute

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