Gabriella Chieffo

Lattedoro - Gabriella Chieffo

I took, in little threads of light, nourishment from your mouth to mine. In this resurrection, after the tear of an excruciating birth you found me, shipwrecked, behind your door. No note. No instructions. I was just an infant with an old woman's face and the uncomfortable baggage of a bulky past. You picked up the shards of what I was and united them with golden glue of hugs, cured me with honey and words and called me by the most beautiful name, Friend. You have washed me with milk from all the pain and with the sun inside you have defeated the winter of anguish that freezes your thoughts. Rain after rain, sea after sea, you made me get up and look at the image of me that finally came back, sharp, perfect and not too small. I was growing. You filled my interrupted breath and that whoreish desire for love, you gave me when I had nothing and found me when I was lost. We slept and dreamed of being warriors with a sigh of Hope coming back and sprouting in our chest.


Bergamot, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg
Notes of milk, iris, jasmine, coconut
Sandal, vanilla, leather