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Lavincense - Hermetica

"An infi nite sea of colors, a relaxing and pacifi c shade that evokes the south, sunshine and a sense of well-being; a light you want to bask in forever."

Lavincense Eau de Parfum reinterprets the richness of lavender and its infinite nuances with modernity and sophistication.
Building on the undisputed quality of lavender essence, the fragrance develops a highly aromatic bouquet, including a molecule of sage, complemented by precious frankincense oil.
Native to India, the shrub produces a protective resin that is revered for its fresh, spicy and peppery scent, considered sacred since the days of ancient Greece.
Frankincense that is burned to sweeten the air in spiritual rituals creates a calming, enveloping presence and, in the collective mind, is as cleansing as lavender.
These two ingredients come together here in a single fragrance to offer a floral, amber, woody blend that leaves a rich, dark, mysterious signature on the skin.


Frankincense Oil,

Sage Molecule,

Lavender Essence