Gabriella Chieffo

Maisìa - Gabriella Chieffo

Drop of blood and sweat on my brow now that the time has come.
Drop of wisdom that becomes sin.
Drops of love, those you left on my body undone with abandon.
I close my eyes so as not to see their faces distorted by the savage pleasure of the rite of atonement.
Maisìa!they cry at my passing, for the ancient spell of having aroused love.
hearts afflicted, they say.
But to one heart alone go the drops of my tears, while the stake burns and my fury burns. To one heart I have granted my soul, yes, damned, but damned with love.
Spit on me, laugh at me, brand me like an innocent animal and tear my whores' clothes.
Maisìa!cry out to exorcise the power of my demonic beauty.
Deluded, I know no potions or curses to soothe my pain, nor to tear the darkness inside you.
And while the forces abandon me and the flames envelop me, it is to you that I dedicate a cursed thought and to him, in the crowd, a breath of love.


Bergamot, lemon, fig leaves, fire notes

Fig, broom, narcissus, ylang ylang

Sandalwood, guaiac wood, black amber, musk, ash