Isabey Paris

Prends-Moi - Isabey Paris

"His lips ajar fell on mine and the universe was forgotten." Alfred De Musset...

When Isabey Paris created Prends-moi in the early 1930s, it was the latest fragrance created for the North American market, with a minimalist design. In the 1930s it was a bold move to name a perfume Prends-moi but Isabey was a bold house. Prends-moi is now being re-launched among Isabey Paris' iconic perfumes. But much more than a simple awakening of a fragrance, Prends-moi is a hymn to love and passion. This is why the strong and emblematic red colour, symbol of desire, is used. Midnight in Paris. A man and a woman. They loved each other passionately. On a bridge, they met again. A unique and carnal love, which takes away the senses. The reason is shattered. He puts his arms around her and smells her perfume. Her red lips whisper: "He takes Moi...". The fragrance opens with a spicy pink pepper, which leads to a double heart where an innocent rose meets an extremely carnal tuberose. The silky red lipstick chord becomes the forbidden lover of cocoa, who lets herself be seduced in this game of love. The fragrance is by Luca Maffei: "I was inspired for this creation from the last moment before the last act of love. The adrenaline, the warmth of the skin, a kiss on the neck, the chills. So I wanted to use bold and sensual raw materials, which represented a veiled eroticism."


Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Raspberry

Rose Absolute, Red Silk Lipstick, Tuberose Absolute, Cardamom, Iris

Cocoa Absolute, Creamy Sandalwood, Amber