Roja Parfums

Reckless Pour Femme - Roja Parfums

Bold Maybe - Never Reckless
Warm, Soft, Dusty, & Very Sensual

"While reading a book, I imagined what a woman described as 'bold maybe, never reckless' would look like. One who follows her heart, but not a fool. I imagined her in the semi-darkness, with a diamond necklace. Her world is one of uncompromising luxury - her fragrance resembles her, it smells of luxury. She always gets what she wants; often taking risks." - Roja Dove


Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange
Geranium, Rose of May, Neroli, Jasmine of Fat
Coriander, Pink Pepper, Canella, Sandalwood
Benzoin, Vanilla, Storace, Musk