Renew-skin - Bakel

Renew-skin is a biphasic anti-aging treatment that acts against the slowdown of cell turnover and imbalance in the sebaceous product. The acidic wipe eliminates dead cells, reduces skin thickening, stimulates cell renewal and gives radiance. The next step with the basic wipe restores the physiological pH, rebalancing the skin and helping to reduce blackheads and enlarged pores. Its 7 clean active ingredients have an effective anti-ageing action that gives the skin a more even complexion and a more youthful appearance from the first application.

Directions for use: In the evening, on clean and dry skin, wipe the acid towel -1- for one minute on the whole face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye and lip contour area. Wait for the skin to return dry. Then wipe the basic towel -2- in a similar manner. Wait for the skin to return dry and proceed directly to the usual treatment without rinsing. The possible tingling sensation when using the acid towel and heat and redness when using the basic towel are due to the renewing action of the product.