Masque Milano

Romanza - Masque Milano

III - II ROMANZA, A Victorian Narcissus

The study was filled with the intense smell of roses...
Daylight burst into the room. What time is it? The Green Fairy has been the inspiration for your nightly labors, and now the work is done. Your beautiful subject is still there before you... Such a lovely model... So well-dressed, so well-groomed, irresistibly confiding,...

beautiful and intoxicating...intoxicating like the indolent smell of plants at the height of bloom, coming from the garden.

How strange - until yesterday you were just friends. The bees move from flower to flower, and renew the incredible circle of life. Butterflies in your stomach. What's the matter? What's this dizziness? An irresistible attraction animates you. You're not in love - yet.

Starring: Cristiano Canali

L'Apparenza - The Dandy Touch: Absinthe (Artemisia), Orange Blossom, Angelica
L'Anima - Hedonistic Bouquet: French Narcissus Absolute, Violet Leaves, Jasmine
L'ineluttabile - the revenge of time: Decadent Woods (Vetiver, Cedar, Patchouli), Amber Accord, Myrrh

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