Royal Mayfair - Creed

An unexpected floral presence for the traditional canons of a masculine fragrance that really makes a difference. In Royal Mayfair the strength of tuberose, the carnality of jasmine and the sophistication of rose buds are confirmed by the dry physicality of cedar wood which joins sandalwood to give life to a solid, reliable and rigorous heart strengthened by intense and decisive notes of musk, amber and vanilla.

The audacious olfactory pyramid embodies the character of a man brave in his choices: the one and only Duke of Windsor. The Windsor perfume, which was created 80 years ago by his grandfather, has always been for Olivier Creed an emblem of great elegance and today, inspired by it, with Royal Mayfair, he wants to give his personal interpretation of that particular style, noble and rebellious at the same time. A regal fragrance, worthy of a man who renounced the crown of England to marry Wallis Simpson, American and multi-divorced. An explicit reference to Mayfair, the temple of British Style par excellence and to the first English Creed boutique opened in 1760. The emblazoned brand in fact has its roots in haute couture and tailor-made. In the district considered today the most glamorous in London, the Maison dressed a clientele coming from the most refined environments and created personalised fragrances that completed the style of its admirers.


Jasmine, Rose, Tuberose

Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Amber, Musk, Vanilla