Ebenus Environment Spray - Zenology

Ambiance Triggers (Ambiance Perfumes) are born from industrial sprays, but contain precious fragrances that will enter into symbiosis with personal environments. Like the olfactory identity of each individual, each environment will now have its own scented atmosphere.
New bottle in PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic).

B E N U S | E B A N O | E B È N E
A composite fragrance based on cedar oil from Virginia. In aromatherapy, cedar oil is renowned for its stimulating self-esteem-boosting properties and its ability to calm anxiety. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Japanese baths have such a delicious effect. The cedar coating of traditional Japanese baths exudes that sweet balsamic scent which, combined with steam, creates true relaxation.


Bergamot, Coriander, Cedar Leaf Oil, Cedarwood from Virginia, Cedarwood from Texas, Incense, Leather, Cashmeran, Cistus