Isabey Paris

Tendre Nuit - Isabey Paris

Created by Isabey in 1944 in New York, Tendre Nuit (Notte
Tender Night) is remembered for its romantic name, like a whisper
. Tendre Nuit is now relaunched with a new contemporary design
: the plum-colored bottle, poetic and garish
, the scent of the voluptuous nocturnal rose and
Ambrette seeds with animal scent, are inspired by the emotions
of a tender and passionate night. It's 3 am at
Paris, a woman is sitting on the edge of her bed in a
room full of sensations. Love floats in the air, sweet and
sensual as a night rose. A warm breeze from the balcony
crosses the room and caresses her skin. The night is
tender, her life is a dream.


Pink Pepper, Almond

Ambrette Seeds, Rose Absolute, Rose Oil

Ambroxan, Cashmeran, Benzoin, Vanilla