Masque Milano

Terralba - Masque Milano


In front, the sea. Behind, the Mediterranean scrub. It is morning.
Act I Scene
I You are in that borderland where the scents of the shrubs and undergrowth mix intimately and indistinguishably with the salty smell of the sea
You walk cautiously on the stones of the uneven path that leads you to the beach, guided by the sound of the waves, making your way through the dense vegetation. It is a steep and narrow path. You touch the branches of the shrubs, brushing against their leaves. Some broken branches tear a thick and sticky resin, whose pungent scent does not want to leave your skin. And, in front of you, the horizon widens, endless.

The intense blue and the persuasive call of the great ocean sea.

Starring: Delphine Thierry

Top Notes: Sage, Lemon, Green Mandarin

Heart Notes: Myrtle, Thyme, Curry Leaves, Helichrysum

Bottom Notes: Lentisk, Juniper, Cypress, Cedarwood

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