The Alabaster Vesta Candle - Trudon

After Hemera, the Greek goddess of light, and Atria, a double star in the Triangle Constellation, asteroid Vesta completes this trilogy with its bright trail and a glow that comes from afar.

Discovered in 1807, this asteroid is named after the Roman goddess of the domestic hearth: in ancient mythology, her presence is symbolized by a sacred fire, on an eternal flame.

A fruity chypre accord, it builds on a floral facet with notes of rose, freesia and jasmine further softened by balsamic and musky base notes.

Greener notes of musk and mandarin then lend a bright, crystalline balance.
Fresh and floral, the scent mirrors the transparency of the alabaster glass that is illuminated by composing a warm halo: Vesta suggests a luminous presence.


Fruity Chypre accord, Rose, Freesia, Jasmine, Oakmoss, Mandarin, Musk.

Size: 270 g