Escentric Molecules

The Beautiful Mind Vol 2 - Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules The Beautiful Mind 2 EDT 100 ml is a unisex fruity eau de toilette. Born from the collaboration between the perfumery Geza Schoen and Polina Semionova, a famous international dancer.
"I was fascinated by what goes through the mind of a great dancer while she is dancing," Schoen says, "in the precision she must have in order to express the grace and sweetness of her movements and gestures.
The result is "Precision & Grace," an incredibly harmonious modern fragrance that manages to marry sweet, fruity notes with warm, floral notes, all in a context of strong woody notes.
The fragrance opens with notes of Williams pears that restore a green and fresh tone to the toilet. Gradually, the heart begins to emerge with the jasmine accord that is further enhanced in its warm embrace by exotic plum. The sweetness of this composition is then developed on a bed of sandalwood and musk.