Gabriella Chieffo

Variation of Ragù - Gabriella Chieffo

"I still see her face, parchment defied by time. I can feel her eyes liquid and alive and I can breathe her hands, smelling of earth and freshly cut herbs, of burning sun burning the skin. Hands that are industrious and never tired. Hands that don't feel the fatigue and maybe not even the pain. I crossed the threshold. I've got it. A penetrating scent envelops me, it's a fragrance that sticks to you. It crosses you, as if you were transparent, as if you were porous matter. I feel the pearly white garlic sizzling in the oil with chilli and black pepper and... yes, this is the moment. -You have to let the smell guide you! -The echo in my head tells me. The split tomatoes, vermilion red, juicy, ripe and aromatic thrown inside. The air is saturated with an ancient, wise, understanding and sometimes romantic fragrance. He is carefully washing the freshly picked basil from the graste on the balcony. A basil with mentholated breath, almost balsamic." Variazione di Ragù is a different fragrance, softer, more enveloping, warmer than the original Ragù. It tells of a more conscious and meditated love, whose passion is mitigated by experience and life. More understanding because it is less visceral. The exclusive and not repeatable, absolute but gentle love of a woman, of my grandmother". G.C.


Bergamot, orange, pink pepper

Saffron, leather, nutmeg, black pepper, cloves, elemi, cardamom

Cashmere wood, patchouli, cedar wood, powder, moss, cumin and vanilla