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In a marriage of astrology and high perfumery,
we present a monthly selection
that transcends the everyday,
to touch the very essence of the stars.

Each zodiac sign finds its voice
in a selection of fragrances that promise
not only to enchant the senses, but also
to reflect the uniqueness of the wearer.
Campomarzio70 invites you to discover
your celestial olfactory signature, a scented journey
that celebrates the uniqueness of each sign under the stars.


For those born under the sign of Aquarius, here is a fragrance that breaks the mold, and boundaries,
taking us to distant destinations.


The art of layering in a flawless pairing:
Chandigarh body fragrance blends harmoniously with Magnetize hair mist, creating an aura of unique sophistication, just like you.

" The energy of these weeks, purposeful and tenacious, will make people achieve goals and find solutions."


While the winter days remain short,
infuse warmth and brightness into the room with Ex-Nihilo's Ambre Fou candle, creating an enveloping olfactory atmosphere that has been thought through to the smallest detail.

Per tutto il mese di marzo l'energia dello zodiaco ci sollecita
a coltivare i nostri sogni, non solo ad inseguirli:
la miglior strategia è fantasia e senso pratico.”