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In a marriage of astrology
and high perfumery,
present a monthly selection
that transcends the everyday,
to touch the very essence of the stars.

Each zodiac sign finds its voice
in a selection of fragrances that promise
not only to enchant the senses, but also
to reflect the uniqueness of the wearer.
Campomarzio70 invites you to discover
your celestial olfactory signature, a scented journey
that celebrates the uniqueness of each sign under the stars.


With the summer solstice, when the sun's rays shine at their brightest, the sign of Cancer makes its entrance.

The first water sign of the zodiac, Sand & Skin is dedicated to him: a fragrance that captures the warmth of the summer sun and the intimacy of days spent on the beach.

As the sea caresses the skin, this fragrance envelops with Madagascar Vanilla, Benzoin and Ylang-Ylang, creating an enveloping and sensual experience.


The sign of Cancer, protective and faithful, finds an olfactory counterpart in My Love Has the Color of the Night: a fragrance that celebrates its emotionality with a scented embrace.

The enveloping notes of Guaiac Oil and the mystery of Patchouli create an intense atmosphere, telling of a love that takes place under the starry sky of a warm summer night.


With the superpower to dilate time through the energy of its emotions, the sign of Cancer finds its reflection in This July Evening.

This soft, enveloping scent captures the essence of an eternal summer and celebrates July, Cancer's favorite month.

With notes of Jasmine and Blue Chamomile that intensify each sensory element, this fragrance enchants like a summer evening by the sea, transforming each day into a timeless experience of love, emotion, and magic.

"Time is not an enemy to fight, nor an opponent to compete against.

Time is a valuable ally that allows us to achieve our goals at the right time in our evolutionary journey."