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With Campomarzio70 Distribution we bring essential culture to retail professionals and artistic perfumery enthusiasts.
We select as partners the best retail outlets on the Italian and international market, both perfumeries and concept and fashion stores. We entrust them with the most important brands on the market with a view to a lasting and profitable partnership for both parties.
Our goal is twofold: to preserve the exclusivity of the brand and to protect our dealers by providing them with the maximum support from the introduction of the brand to its continued development.


Campomarzio70 is the point of reference for professionals and enthusiasts of artistic and selective perfumery.
The passion for excellence in perfumery and cosmetic research gave way, in 2003, to the opening of a new branch of the company, which combines retail and distribution. The first brand to enter the portfolio is Isabey Paris.
Others will follow, among which Memo Paris, vero.profumo and Cire Trudon, Grossmith up to Ex Nihilo, Mona di Orio, Ramon Monegal, Xerjoff and Roja Dove. Currently our portfolio contains a calibrated selection of brands of the highest quality for a selective distribution not only in the choice of partners, but also in their number.





Campomarzio70 Distribution

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