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For four generations, in the heart of Rome, we have been selecting the best new perfumery products.

Thanks to this continuous research and an innate sensitivity towards better artistic fragrances, we are an international reference point for the sector and a reliable partner for the realization of Olfactory Marketing projects.

A fragrance can reassure, intrigue or make people feel at ease. A fragrance tells a story, an emotion or the uniqueness of a brand.

For many of our partners, in the hospitality sector but not only, we develop personalised essences capable of creating a recognisable olfactory identity and transmitting the history of the brand to our clients, offering the possibility to relive the experience at home, simply by opening a bottle of perfume or lighting a candle, and thus prolonging the emotion experienced, fixing it in the memory.

All our products can be customized upon request of the facilities or of the customers themselves.

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