Virgin Island Water - Creed

A fragrance evocative of emotions, landscapes, light and joy that will enchant anyone who ventures on the journey evoked by its fragrant notes. The aroma of coconut is the discreet background from which fresh citrus notes of Jamaican lime, mandarin and Sicilian white bergamot are released, followed by a floral heart of Indian jasmine and ylang-ylang. Base notes of musk, tropical woods, coconut and Tiare flowers characterize the magic. An unusual and intriguing Caribbean cocktail for men and women who are joyful and full of life, willing to be carried away by their emotions.

A cruise with friends and his son Erwin in the British Virgin Islands, in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean seas, was for Olivier Creed the inspiration for the creation of Virgin Island Water. The constant, stiff breeze that characterizes the Sir Francis Drake Channel, which separates the British Virgin Islands from the U.S. Virgin Islands, makes these archipelagos an ideal sailing destination. Near the uninhabited island of Ginger, the wind brought Olivier the aromas of the many islands of the archipelago, enriching the olfactory impressions already captured in the various places visited. Stimulated by this dance of scents he began to jot down some notes that became the start to create, together with his son Erwin, this wonderful fresh and exotic composition.


White Bergamot of Sicily, Jamaican Lime, Sicilian Mandarin

Herbaceous Notes, Indian Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang

Tiare, Tropical Woods, Musk, Coconut