Il Letterato Lavander Candleholder- Ginori

Symbol of wisdom, Il Letterato is a contemplator of the design of life, an attentive observer and a skilful storyteller of human plots.
The Letterato - scented decorative totem - is a porcelain sculpture depicting a face on a bust.
In the upper part is adorned with a cylindrical headdress, able to carefully guard the candle and his thoughts.

Also available the refill with 6 scented 40 gr candles.

Fragrance: PURPLE HILL.
A floral fragrance, light and fresh, evoking the feeling of the Tuscan hills in full spring bloom.
Purple Hill - a memory of an effortless beauty - is the scent of beauty that first strikes, then persists and persuades.

Olfactory Family: Citrus Floral

- Top Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot
- Heart notes: Lavender, Violet Leaf
- Base Notes: White Flowers, White Woods