The Essential Gift Card

A special gift must be perfumed to amaze.

Do you want to give a gift but you are not sure about the choice of fragrance?

Below are some essential tips to hit the mark:

1) Aim for something that strikes a chord beyond the scent itself. Maybe a fragrance from the past, a limited edition on Exclusives, a wow! fragrance with a curated and sumptuous packaging.

2) Choose a perfume for the name it bears... It could for example be the prelude to a journey or a memory, African Leather, Lalibela, Granada

3) Give a gift olfactory experienceWhy limit yourself to perfume, when you can give a whole universe of emotions?

4) Maybe choose a nice travel spray with 5 or 10 different fragrances... there will certainly be one that you like more than others... or maybe you like them all!

5) Give the gift of a cream perfume. Call them body lotion o body lotion for some products is reductive: their olfactory power is comparable to that of a perfume.

If you are still not sure, you can purchase our ESSENTIAL GIFT CARD.

The ESSENTIAL GIFT CARD is an anonymous card issued to the bearer by our online boutique. It is sent by e-mail to the recipient indicated by the purchaser at the time of purchase and can be used immediately for the purchase of goods online or at our stores.