276 Essential Cleansing Oil - L:A Bruket

A 100% natural cleansing oil for clean, makeup-free, soothed and replenished skin.

100% naturally sourced, 276 Essential Cleansing Oil instantly dissolves makeup, including waterproof formulas, and removes excess sebum while respecting the skin barrier. Skin is clean, soothed, regenerated.

COSMOS certified, made in Sweden, vegan, dermatologically tested and gender-neutral.


Double cleansing: a 2-step cleansing routine to ensure the effective removal of all impurities while respecting the skin's balance.

Start with Essential Cleansing Oil to dissolve makeup and continue with Gentle Cleansing Gel 277 to remove toxins, sweat and pollution particles.


Warm the oil in the palm of your hands and massage onto dry skin, face, neck and eyes to remove impurities and makeup.
The oil becomes slightly milky and emulsifies with warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry gently.
For those with very dry skin who do not wear makeup, 276 Essential Cleansing Oil can be used as a second step in the double cleansing routine. Lead with the 277 Mild cleansing gel instead. Apply as above but instead of rinsing with water, gently cleanse the face
with a clean, damp towel.

Size: 60 ml