40 Knots - Xerjoff


40 Knots from the Join the Club collection represents the sense of freedom on a sailing yacht that reconciles reflection on the Mediterranean from an unusual, timeless and olfactory perspective.

An indefinite time, guided only by the wake of aromas that this extraordinary sea enhances and enhances in a blaze of colour, light and mystery.
The Mediterranean maquis becomes a palette of shades of green in a thousand declensions that the sun amplifies in an abstract suggestion of great impact.
As you approach the coast, the natural landscape becomes more and more defined and reveals the presence of local communities, reckless fishing villages that rhythm their daily life with a multitude of fragrant notes, strictly separated by sex, ranging from the coffee of awakening, to women's laundry soap, to the wave of sea scents that only local fishermen can recognize with extraordinary olfactory readiness.

In the most remote and remote corners, where it is difficult to find your way around, protected by impervious vegetation that at sunset tastes like wild flowers, the wonders of abbeys hidden in their splendour of contemplation are revealed.