Amber Star & Star Musk - Xerjoff


Smoked and smoky resinous with bold promising notes of myrrh to emphasize its supernatural quality, Amber Star is like a goiello composed of the most enchanting and sensual elements combined with opulent creamy grey amber to create a voluptuous aura. Ylang-ylang, vanilla and a large dose of woody resins enhance its mystical dimensions. Like a meteor of the sky oxidized in the Earth's crust, it has a strong structure and a delightfully oriental personality.


Calm and soothing, Star Musk speaks of the purest spirit and immortal beauty that fine arts aspire to. Exquisite musk and refined flowers mate in an elaborate intimacy. The tender spicy amber and the woody oriental jingle of powdery vetiver and milk-coloured sandalwood provide a heavenly musky backdrop. Warm, dusty, resinous, luxuriously animalistic but deep thanks to vanilla shades, Star Musk is an aristocratic and unparalleled olfactory experience of extreme pleasure - a Nirvana in the realm of scents.