Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Aqua Celestia - Maison Francis Kurkdjian

In his latest work, Francis Kurkdjian explores a new aspect and introduces a new sensory dimension to his - eponymous - olfactory wardrobe. Imagine being by the sea and looking at the horizon, the point where the blue sea meets the blue sky, right there... that feeling of infinity visible on a beautiful day... it's like a magic potion...
With Aqua Celestia Francis Kurkdjian gives freshness a new shape, giving it a long trail where Mexican lime, fresh English mint and Burgundy blackcurrant converge.
Together they form an innovative, colourful and generous accord of top notes in tune with the sunny radiance of the mimosa flower of Provence and a heavenly whisper of musk.
Musky, floral, citrusy

Mexican Peppermint Lime (Mitcham)
Burgundy Blackcurrant
Mimosa flowers of Provence
Musk Accord