Arancia di Sicilia - Perris

Our journey to discover the most exceptional fragrant jewels of Italy continues with the most iconic citrus fruit of Sicily: the Blood Orange.

In perfumery, the essential oil of bitter oranges has a greater value than that of the more common, sweeter varieties. Blood Orange is the exception to the rule due to its exceptionally high quality.

Grown on the slopes of Etna, the fruit grown here is distinguished by its intense red color and complex aromatic sweetness, it also produces an exceptional oil that deserves to be considered exceptional.

Since 1880, Capua, a family business, has been recognized as the last producer of citrus essential oils. Here, using two Capua extraction methods, they give life to the pure essence of this sweet orange. First, the brown-colored essential oil is extracted from the peel without coming into contact with the juice of the fruit that will be used for drinks.

The second extraction method occurs when the growing season comes to an end. The complete fruit is passed through a press, mixing the oil from its peel along with the juice. Then a blender extractor is used to separate the juice from the suspension and finally a centrifuge separates the oil from the juice.

After this complex and skilful process, these two very different essential oils are blended together in our new masterpiece Perris Monte Carlo Arancia Di Sicilia, a tribute to the symbolic fruit of Sicily.

Extraordinary fruit created the inspiration to give life to Arancia Di Sicilia, a fragrance that blends the energy and naturalness of citrus fruits with an enveloping sweetness. The heart of the perfume is enhanced by almonds, vanilla and cinnamon, followed by base notes that reveal soft musk and amber and finally the intense aroma of coffee absolute.

Arancia Di Sicilia celebrates the flavors and aromas of Sicily, creating the warm atmosphere of Sicilian mornings, the flavor of the invigorating orange juice and the sweetness of pure candy.


Head: Blood Orange Brown, Blood Orange Bleaches Press
Heart: Almond, Cinnamon accord
Base: Cistus Labdanum, Absolute Coffee, Iris, Musk, Amber