Frederic Malle

Bigarade Concentree - Frederic Malle

Featuring the qualities of lightness, transparency and freshness typical of an Eau de Cologne, this original composition by Jean-Claude Ellena is innovated by the addition of a new essence of bitter orange, obtained by molecular distillation. Built on a singular bitter freshness, an abundance of citrus notes, a touch of rose and a woody base of hay and cedar reinforce its unique and natural structure. More persistent than Cologne Bigarade, Bigarade Concentrée exudes a natural and lasting freshness. The perfumer: Born into a family of perfumers in Grasse, Jean-Claude Ellena was initiated into the art of fragrance development from his adolescence. Self-taught, he defines his creations as a "poetry of memory". Everyday scents, such as waxed floors, freshly laundered sheets, leather, an old sweater..., are his greatest source of inspiration. Jean Claude Ellena never raises his voice, although he makes himself clearly heard. His signature is simple, minimalist and modern. His style is often compared to watercolors or chamber music.


Bitter Orange, Rose, Cedar, Grass, Hay