Orto Parisi

Boccanera - Orto Parisi

In an obscure and erotic vortex made up of delicious gourmand notes, Boccanera is an essence that expresses sensuality and spontaneity, seasoning a sinful and greedy fragrance with forbidden and spicy notes, darkened by bitter cocoa, spices and chilli pepper.

"The parts of the body where there is the most odor are those where the soul gathers the most. Smells that are too strong have become unpleasant for us, because the excess of soul is intolerable to the extent that our 'animality' is repressed and stifled by our society. This project is my vegetable garden, I have planted it, fertilized it, cultivated it and harvested its fruits. In Orto Parisi the body is experienced as a garden, the smells are the true mirror of its soul." A. Gualtieri.

Notes: Bitter chocolate, Red pepper, Sandalwood, Pink pepper, Ginger, Musk.