Byredo - Gypsy Water

When Ben Gorham lived in Italy, he often watched the Roma washing their clothes in the nearby river. Gypsy Water is the result of Gorham's fascination with the Roma people and their way of life. The scent itself is a tribute to their free and independent life, proud and colourful, in harmony with nature. Gypsy Water evokes images of fresh earth, deep woods and campfires, and is the right tribute to the ancient myth of Roma life. An appointment of hesperides and pepper in the top notes, accompanied by fruit, spicy juniper berries that lead to a smoky-woody heart: incense, pine needles and irises create the impression of forests and fires, while a base of vanilla and amber sandalwood evokes images of colorful and animated embers.


Bergamot, Lemon, Pepper, Juniper

Incense, Pine Needles, Irises

Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood