Natura Bissé

C+C Oil Free MacroAntioxidant Sun Cream SPF30 - Natura Bissé

Anti-aging sunscreen with MacroAntioxidants® and Vitamin D.
This is not just an SPF; this is a revolution in skincare. C + C Oil-Free MacroAntioxidant® Sun Protection SPF 30 is the only skincare product in the world to incorporate MacroAntioxidants®; extracted directly from the skin of the fruit, they provide unprecedented biological protection against solar radiation and free radicals. With an extra touch of pro-vitamin D, an effective anti-aging ingredient, bask freely in the sun without ever worrying about spots, wrinkles or sagging.

• Unprecedented protection against sunlight, free radicals and cellular damage
• Improves skin elasticity.
• Effective anti-ageing formula.