Anti-Aging Eye Contour - Perennae

The RESTRUCTURING ANTI-WRINKLE EYE CONTOUR has a particularly delicate formula, which fully respects the very thin skin of this area of the face.
In this case the anti-wrinkle effect is entrusted to a mix of peptides, while the protective, moisturizing and elasticizing effect is obtained from cotton seed oil, softening and at the same time regenerating, thanks to its high content of antioxidant vitamin E. Chinese pepper and prickly pear blade extract, both highly de-reddening and soothing.


For all skin types and in particular for those who have or are beginning to have aging lines around the eyes, small expression lines or deeper lines, but also for those who want to prevent the first signs of aging on this area so thin and continuously stressed by the movements of the orbicularis muscles, which surround the eye.

Size: 15 ml