Côté Maquis Porcelain Diffuser Set - L' Objet

Skillfully balanced aromatics can transform ordinary rituals into extraordinary escapes. Together with the oldest bath and beauty craftsmen in Europe, the Objet blends old world techniques and finds innovation in the integrity of natural ingredients. The experience of the pharmacist is designed to beautify the air, nourish the body and lift the spirit. Presentation of fragrances for the pharmacist's home. A porcelain sphere carved with perfumed oil exudes a continuous scent. A refill oil and reeds are available for when your diffuser needs refilling.

Fragrance: Côté Maquis
Top notes: Salt
Heart notes: Incense
Base notes: Labdanum, Cashmere wood

Porcelain size: 12x13cm
Sticks size: 24 cm
Scented oil refill capacity: 235 ml