Cruz del Sur II - Xerjoff

The countless drops of the rainforest. The skin greedily absorbs lush moods moistened by small streams that follow the winding trails of mango, pineapple, guava and apple blossoms. Among millions of creatures, the most radiant is the one whose appearance is as pristine as a Yanomami tribe, whose heart is a bouquet of exotic flowers
and is about to bring the scents of blackcurrant and green leaves to the stone altar.
Humanity's passionate search for all kinds of gold, whether yellow, white or black, has not deprived this creature of its natural charm. The animal and plant world collide under the gentle auspices of vetiver and cedar, which responds to milky notes like a distant drum. Screams bounce off the trunks of trees, accompanied by candied fruit and soft moss. The largest green space on Earth deserves such inspiration. It is time to take flight, like a butterfly of an unclassified species.


Pineapple, Apple, Mango, Tropical Flowers, Musk