Frederic Malle

Dans Tes Bras - Frederic Malle

After the success of Musc Ravageur, Frédéric Malle asked Maurice Roucel to create an equally sensual but less exuberant fragrance.
Carved in cashmeran, sandalwood, musk and patchouli, reinforced with a cocktail of salicylates and incense, softened with heliotrope and coloured with a violet accord, Dans tes Bras evokes the deep and sweet scent of slightly salty skin.
A sensual and intimate composition that enhances the scent of the skin, "the very essence of perfume". The perfumer: In 1973, Maurice Roucel began his collaboration as a chemist in the Chanel laboratories. As a self-confident autodidact, he defines himself as "an explorer walking through formulas".
During this period, he begins to break down and study every formula and every raw material with a look that is part aesthete and part chemist, which is his strength today.
His generous writing is often based on notes of musk, white flowers or amber. This is how he generates the opulent sensuality that is his signature.
The strong personality of Maurice Roucel allows him to resist trends.
That's how he created Musc Ravageur, a perfume against the trend of its time, precursor of the new orientals that came to the fore since 2001.


Cloves, Heliotrope, Incense, White Musk, Sandalwood, Violet.