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Diamond Cocoon Sheer Cream SPF30 - Natura Bissé

The negative effects of modern pollution - dryness, dehydration and premature aging - are all reflected in our skin. In one step, Diamond Cocoon Sheer Cream strengthens skin exposed to contamination, blue light (HEV) and solar radiation, helping to prevent and combat the signs of aging.

Intensely hydrating and restorative, this cream blends with any skin tone to even out skin tone, diminish imperfections and leave skin feeling fresh, soft and with a natural glow.

The result: skin that is protected, plumped, radiant and ready to face the day!


Repairs and improves the skin's resistance to stress and premature aging.

Protects against modern pollution (contamination, blue light and solar radiation) and prevents damage caused to the skin.

Hydrates, restores comfort and gives a touch of colour that perfects the complexion.

The ingredient Detoxin - obtained from peony roots and a natural trehalose sugar - together with the SIRT-AP peptide complex that moderates sirtuin activity, detoxifies to awaken the skin, improving its self-repair capacity and its resistance to stress and premature aging. Fermentus glaciarum contains powerful anti-wrinkle properties, stimulates the formation of collagen fibres and improves their structure.

A combination of hyaluronic acid and the exclusive AquaMagnet deeply hydrate and retain moisture in the skin, leaving it visibly plumper and more elastic.

An active antioxidant cocktail, a chelating agent and UVB and UVA sunscreens protect against modern pollution.

The invisible PolyShield polymer creates a protective shield effect to prevent skin contact with external aggressors while an active antioxidant cocktail fights free radicals.

The latest natural pigments adapt to different skin tones for even, radiant coverage.