Diffuser Amazzone Red Clay - Ginori

Symbol of leadership, the Amazon dominates destiny, intoxicating those around her with audacity.
She is proud of herself and the world pays her respect.
The Amazon - room diffuser - is the figure of the fighting woman. Proud and dominant, she wears a battle helmet that exudes her strength, but also her delicacy.

The diffuser is refillable with a 300 ml bottle and 6 diffusion wands.

Inspired by the favorite ingredient during the Medici era in Florence, this joyful and charming composition pays homage to the Orange Blossom.
Orange Renaissance - the last days of infatuations - is the rebirth of an essence capable of dissuading and burning with love.

Olfactory Family: Citrusy Woody

Top notes: Bergamot, Black currant
Heart notes: Mint, Tuscan Cypress
Bottom notes: Honey, Musk